Heavy duty comes as standard with the Redrock silage grapes. Fitted with 1500mm 45mm round tines the grapes are designed for today’s agricultural environment. .



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All Push-Off Buck Rakes are fitted with twin, double acting heavy duty hydraulic cylinders for maximum breakout power and speed.

Both Buck Rakes and Grass Forks are fitted with1500mm 45mm round tines for increased service life

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Grasvorken kenmerken

All pivot points are bushed and are fitted with grease points to allow ease of servicing and increase working life.

Technische gegevens

Type Grasvork 235
Grasvork 260
Grasvork 280
Grasvork 365
Werkbreedte (cm)
234 260 282 366
Hydraulische afschuiver
ja ja nee nee
Hydraulisch inklapbaar
nee nee nee ja
Transportbreedte (cm) 235 260 282 245


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